The Mott Avenue community needs a consistent, locally-run after-school program

It's no secret that youth lack opportunities in Far Rockaway. In fact only 23% of 9th and 10th graders in Far Rockaway are even enrolled in high school. Join us in supporting a local organization fighting to keep kids in school and off the streets.

Meet The Pinson Street Youth Foundation

Kerwin Blake founded the Pinson Street Youth Foundation (PSYF) in the Summer of 2015 to create new opportunities for youth in Far Rockaway. They are already reaching 40+ kids through one-on-one mentoring, team sports, introductions to professional careers and extracurricular workshops. They invite every kid in their neighborhood (no matter color/religion/gang affiliation/nationality) to join their basketball team, dance team, chess club, and homework sessions.

These streets will take their lives if something doesn’t change.
— Mr. Blake

Pinson Street is located directly between two often-warring housing complexes, and by recruiting parents and neighbors from both ends of Far Rockaway to come together for the children's sake, they are uniquely positioned to unite a neighborhood torn apart by gang violence.

Mr. Blake currently runs PSYF out of his home, and most practices/classes are held outside.

In order for the organization to survive harsh Rockaway winters, they need a permanent, indoor recreational facility. That's where we come in. With your help, Rockaway Rising can come alongside PSYF to create a sustainable, year-round program for the kids of Mott Avenue.


Our Goal is to HELP Pinson Street SECURE: