The Pinson Street Youth Foundation

Pinson Street Youth Foundation was created "to aid in the evolution of our urban city youths. Through one on one mentoring, introduction to professional careers and extracurricular workshops. Our children are the future and with all the negativity past, present and future. We must show them a better way. Together we can make a change."

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The Action Center

A local organization started 14 years ago by Sam & Aria Doe. They run two community centers at neighboring public housing units. Between the Ocean Bay and Hammel housing units, they provide crucial services to over 2,000 people.


Rockaway Rising's initiatives have helped the Action Center: 

  • Expand their donated food resources 
  • Host media trainings for community staff and public housing residents
  • Bring in volunteers and skilled employees 
  • Partner with Vive for free beauty/interview training for their Rockaway Moms program
  • Secure sponsorship for their after-school program to attend a performance at Medieval Times

Mont Lawn Camp

Meet Josh Cruz, the assistant director of Mont Lawn Camp. Mont Lawn is a camp run by the Bowery Mission for at-risk children from New York City. Partnering with Josh and Mont Lawn has given many Far Rockaway youth their very first summer camp experience.

Together we:

  • Recruited 117 Rockaway campers in 2014
  • Recruited 120 Rockaway campers in 2015
  • Provide employment opportunities for Rockaway Youth 

PS104, Bays Water Elementary 

Nestled in the heart of Far Rockaway, PS 104 educates ~750 of our community's little Risers. The teachers and staff go above and beyond to meet the needs of the students and their families. The theme of their school which reflect their heart "Play it forward".

Together we:

  • Advocated for facility's needs after Hurricane Sandy
  • Connected them to the resources of these organizations:
    • Hillsong NYC, the Legacy Center and Mont Lawn Camp
  • Worked with the above organizations to provide:
    • Back to school supplies
    • Coats, gloves and scarfs over winter
    • Thanksgiving meals
    • Christmas toys
    • Volunteers for seasonal events and parties

Experience Camps

"Experience Camps provides boys and girls who have lost a parent, sibling or loved one with a free program that helps build confidence, encourage laughter and navigate their grief through friendship, teamwork, athletics, and the common bond of loss. It is a safe environment where kids can explore their grief, break the isolation they may feel with their non-camp peers, and have a whole lot of fun." (from


Rockaway Rising's initiative with Experience Camp has...


  • Made it possible for two Far Rockaway girls to fly to Malibu for a free week of berevement camp in the summer of 2015

Rockaway Adventure Club

Rockaway Rising's co-founder Meaghan Holley created a mentorship program for elementary and middle-school girls in Far Rockaway. RAC encourages growth through mentorship and peer-to-peer relationships, offering a wide range of activities that foster creativity and discovery.

Together we:

  • Created a positive social network for young girls to express their feelings and discover their personal identities through writing and creative arts
  • Increased 4th quarter school attendance by 20%
  • Invested 200+ hours on homework and education enrichment
  • Created "Rockawaying Around the Christmas Tree" to empower girls and their siblings to raise money for holiday gifting.

" makes the world suck less. One of the largest global orgs for young people and social change, our 4 million members tackle campaigns that impact every cause, from poverty to violence to the environment to literally everything else. Any cause, anytime, anywhere. *mic drop" (from 

Our initiative with has

  • Allowed Far Rockaway girls to experience office culture and aspire to join the ranks of the DoSomething staff
  • Encouraged girls to think globally by engaging them in DoSomething's international community service efforts
  • Provided a mentorship and support for Far Rockaway females as they navigate middle school 

JMAC Gives Back

JMac Gives Back, Inc. was founded by Jeremy Maclin, Wide Receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs.  The mission of the organization is to provide opportunities through charitable and educational efforts to kids living in alternative living situations. Jeremy grew up and continues to have strong ties to the Saint Louis area and is passionate about giving back to the community in which his road to success all began. Jeremy and JMac Gives Back's CEO, Ashley Ahner, have committed great wisdom and resource to Rockaway Rising and the kids of Far Rockaway.



Team JMac give back:

  • Started a campaign that brought summer toys and enrichment to the kids at Pink Fern
  • Provided sports equipment to the young men of the Mott Avenue community