Rockaway Rising

It’s been a big year! Getting married and all, living in Far Rockaway, NY with my husband...we couldn't be more thrilled!  


I’m writing to humbly ask if you'd be willing to help me launch  Rockaway Rising, a non-profit that has been in the works since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in 2012. In the storm’s aftermath,  I came with volunteers from around the city to address the immediate needs of residents in Far Rockaway, Queens. A neighborhood which has the 2nd highest density of public housing of all five boroughs. The first day I came here I witnessed a community struggling to survive – several living 200% below the poverty line – right on the outskirts of New York City and it’s seemingly infinite resources. 

Through the past 3 years, my co-founder Meaghan Holley and I spent most of our time just trying to share what we had with Far Rockaway. We tried to fill needs anywhere and anyway we could. Back in the relief stages we’d go door-to-door and offer ad-hoc relief services to anyone we’d meet, often finding ourselves in Rockaway well past 2 am delivering leftover food, helping families navigate emergency evictions, etc.

Over time...

All of this has now evolved from a good old “grassroots do-
gooding” (as some in the community have called it) to being an official non-profit we have just launched with the same theme in mind, connect much needed resources to Far Rockaway. We believe it’s what the community deserves.

As our ties to the community deepened, Far Rockaway began to feel like home. We moved to Far Rockaway in the winter of 2015, determined to address the challenges that still remained, long after most relief efforts ceased. We realized we’ve been far more effective when we are partnering with local heroes already working hard to make Far Rockaway a place where residents can thrive, not just survive.

Aria Doe, the director of our local community center put it this way:

“Every road needs a bridge and you [Rockaway Rising] are that bridge helping two worlds understand each other.”

We are focused on finding creative ways to bring resources to our community partners in Far Rockaway by spotlighting major needs and rallying people to meet them as we have been thus far without funding, but it’s time for more.

The investment of time and money it takes to alter the course of one life is profound. Meaghan and I are committed to spending the time, but we simply need more financial resources.

Would you consider giving a monthly/annual tax-deductible donation to help us launch Rockaway Rising?

The Tide is a group of our friends, family and anyone else who so desires to help us build a foundation for Rockaway Rising by committing to donate monthly.

We rely on the generosity of The Tide to allow us to budget well for our current and upcoming initiatives. Your early commitment to Rockaway Rising and to me means more than my words can express. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a difference in the lives of my friends and neighbors in Far Rockaway. Together, we can rebuild the community one life at a time.


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Thank you in advance!  

Heather McClanahan

Heather McClanahan